Beautify your lawn by giving the proper nourishment and nutrients needed throughout the season to keep your grass looking great using My 6- step Lawn Treatment program built to fit your needs and customizable. Please let me assist you and making your lawn look great the best I can. 

Step One:    Spring (April) Fertilizer with slow release and crabgrass control- For early spring Early spring green-up and early season   pre-emergent crabgrass control.


Step Two:   Late spring (May) Blanket liquid weed control with added iron for extra turf green  up-Control of broad leaf weeds such as dandelions, plantain, and clover etc. The iron is necessary for the formation of the chlorophyll to provide a greener appearance within the lawn without any growth.


Step Three:  End of spring (June) Fertilizer with slow release and crabgrass control- For late spring green-up and late season pre-emergent crabgrass control.


Step Four: Mid-summer (July) Grub control and surface insect control with slow release fertilizer to maintain turf vigor, growth and to repair grass plants from summer stress.


Step Five: Late (August) Blanket liquid Nutsedge treatment involves targeted application of specialized products to combat the growth of nut sedge in lawns. This step is crucial for directly addressing the invasive weed's characteristics, using herbicides or potent substances tailored for nut sedge control. The goal is to eradicate or suppress nut sedge, ensuring a healthier and more attractive landscape. 


Step Six: Early fall (September) Blanket liquid weed control with extra micronutrients involves applying a specialized liquid solution. This herbicidal blanket targets weeds while providing essential micronutrients to support overall plant health.


Step Seven: Fall (October) Winterize slow-release fertilizer with micronutrients for late fall and dormant feeding. This application will thicken up the lawn, help with winter hardiness and will help provide a nice dormant recovery.